Intoxicating evening

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If there is an Oscar award for perfect cocktail; it has to go to Sunrise and Moonlight :). These are the two indigenous cocktails that I invented today. Okay, okay, if not Oscar, then at-least, the drinks deserve a Filmfare award.

It is exactly twenty four hours since I have brought this cocktail shaker (which includes couple of accessories - ice bucket, peg measure), and I was desperate to use it; just like a kid, desperate to try his new video game. Last evening, I struggled hard to open the lid of the shaker but in vain; fruitless. After, 30 mins of valiant effort,I gave up. My wife decided to return it back to the store. 
But today morning, I looked at the shaker patiently and politely tried to turn it around with complete affection & viola - it willingly responded. Immediately I made up my mind to do something exciting in the evening (as though taking away my wifes' excitement who was not all excited about my achievement).

Here are the two recipes - try it, you will definitely love it. I promise


You need:
  • 60 ml - Smirnoff Vodka - Orange twist flavour
  • 30 ml - Bacardi White rum - plain
  • 200 ml - Tropicana Real Orange juice - chilled
  • 1 Orange fruit
5-6 cinnamon sticks, a pinch of salt, lots of ice cubes

Serves : 1

Method : Pour vodka, rum, orange juice, ice cubes, salt and finally cinnamon sticks. Shake it well. Pour it in a tall glass. Add a bit of orange peel. Leave it for few minutes in the glass. Let the orange flavour from the peel be released. Add couple of ice cubes. Remember it is already chilled. Garnish it with a slick of orange.

Sit back, relax, and sip it. You will feel the rich spicy aroma of orange and a bit cinnamon. If you concentrate hard, you will feel that your are walking on the sea shore, in the early morning cool breeze, enjoying the grand spectacle of the Sunrise.

Next comes the Moonlight. ( This name has been given by my wife, not bad :))


You need:
  • 60 ml - Bacardi White rum
  • 30 ml - Smrinoff Vodka (Plain or Apple flavour)
  • 200 ml - Tender coconut water
Pinch of salt, 1 tea spoon of sugar, lot of ice cubes (or crushed ice).

Pour ice in the shaker, add sugar. Pour vodka, coconut water, then rum, finally add sugar. 
Shake it well. Pour in a tall glass. Garnish with a lemon wedge. The drink should look like clear, crystal water.

Take the glass, go to your terrace, enjoy admiring the Moon.

Expect the Unexpected...

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It is 1:30 AM, I just finished watching Slumdog Millionare along with my wife. It short fell of our expectations, probably because of the huge media hype. It was like any other "good" movie. Nothing great ....

This left me wondering on "what" could have been that captured the minds of UK, USA etc. so much that it won all the nominated Golden Globe awards.

I started thinking...

There have been many similar kind of Indian films where producers have cashed on the Mumbai slums,depicting their pathetic, miserable lifestyle. SM is also on the similar lines, only exgerrating much more than Indian cinemas, which I think, resulted to have a very very deep effect on the Westerners. Some of the scenes are heartbreaking - like the one where a kids' eye is "scooped" out with a hot spoon.Blind kids earn more by begging. The other sick scene where the child artist (protagonist) jumps in pit of shit and comes out. Yuck.. Indians have difficulty to stomach such scenes, I don't know how Westerners accepted. Probably they felt that the director is portraying the truth.

The storyline is exciting. Each question unfolding one chapter of Jamals' life. Jamal is the main character who is born in a Mumbai slum, deeply in love with Latika, another orphan raised in slum. Jamal is persistent in getting his love not even hesitating to fight with his brother, who has grown up to be thug. Basically, it is love story, slum life, Mumbai life, underground life and the Q&A of "Who wants to be Millionare" show that builds the excitement. As I said earlier, the storyline is exciting - but not mind-blowing.

Having said that, nevertheless, the movie is very well directed, excellent screenplay, technically brilliant (all the slum scenes are so realistically shot that you forget that it is a movie). Also the fact that this has been directed by a British director, it has more visibility and hence a larger audience. This also contributes to the success of the movie.

I'm still wondering on the "what" - forget it - I think sometimes that SM just got little lucky to get all those awards and the attention.

Shortly it is releasing in India in Hindi language. I don't know whether it will appeal to Indians as it did across the world.

Anyway, It was an amazing experience watching the movie. Wishing SM all the success for Oscars.